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1. You can donate food rations/packages

Under the framework of 2014 Ramadan , WEFA Human Relief Organisation, has handed out food packages to locals as well as in many countries across the world.

Food (iftar) package includes: Flour, Tea, Olive, Oil, Tomato paste, salt, jam, sugar, lentil, chickpeas, bulgur, kidney beans, rice, pasta, helva. Depending on the cuisine of the country the distribution takes place, adjustments are also made.

This package costs 30,-€.

2. You can host an Iftar meal

Under the framework of 2014 Ramadan , WEFA Human Relief Organisation provides iftars on a local and international level. You, too can host an iftar meal or contribute towards the costs of a certain amount of persons.

Iftar for 10 people is 50,-€.

3. You can provide Eid Clothes for the Orphans

Supporting families of orphaned children, supporting orphans, providing iftars for orphans and gifting eid clothes is what we do. Where we see need, financial support will also be provided for orphans. You too can support the orphan and the lonely with a gift on Eid.

Our orphan related work continues all year round as well as seasonal projects. You can also provide sustainability by sponsoring a child that has become an orphan for various reasons for a whole year through our Sponsor Family Project

Eid gifts cost 20,-€.

4. Through the mediation of WEFA, you can ensure your Zakat, Zakat-ul-Fitre and Sadaqah reaches the needy.

During WEFA Humanitarian Relief Organisation’s 2014 Ramadhan campaign the caring Europeans zakat, zakat-ul-fitre and donations have reached out to those afar diminished distances, affected by war, natural disaster and occupation. You to can reach out to the needy through WEFA with your zakat and sadaqah donations.

Zakat-ul-fitre costs 10,-€.

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