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WEFA aims to reach out to places that suffer from water shortage. Given the geographical conditions in Asia and Africa, due to drought and infrastructure issues in the region, it has experienced a shortage of access to clean drinking, WEFA aims to provide clean water and to build water wells. Once opened, the water coming out of a well, after all analyzes are made available to the public and maintained control at regular intervals. Enabling people to reach a healthy well water supply, the project itself aims to prevent the diseases common in Africa.

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  • To provide clean drinking water to those that have to travel kilometres to reach water
  • To overcome the issues leading to many water prone diseases particularly in Africa and Asia
  • Provide water to farms that are not able to facilitate due to lack of clean water
  • To inject hope to the locals
  • To support the locals


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  • The Donor is required inform our Project Unit by filling out a brochure or by calling us in request of opening a water well,
  • Donate towards a water well
  • Upon completion, WEFA will inscribe the name requested by the donor onto the water well, take a photo and send these to a given address with a document of gratitude
  • Foundations, Mosques, Societies and Workplaces can also support the campaign
  • In case the donor is not able to fund a whole waterwell, money from our pool system will contribute towards the completion of the water well.


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African people are forced to live in areas where water is scarce. To achieve both a healthy water well project, diseases caused by unclean water is tackled from here as well. The blessed life of the project area is known for providing opportunities for the development of a culture of sharing and solidarity among people. Also; areas inflicted with water related conflict, upon the arrival of a water well the termination of the conflict are also contributing.

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Due to the high demand of charitable people from Europe, the completion of a water well can take over one year. The completion is also affected by the conditions of the area. Depending on the way in which the water will be provided, the completion of deep water wells and above ground wells will vary. The cost of a water well will also vary depending on the cost of construction in the chosen country.

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